Crisis Management

The key to crisis management is to immediately identify, structure and weigh a problem to arrive at a feasible solution. In times of crisis our battle-tested crisis management services provide the support needed to quickly make the right decisions. We have a proven track-record of helping companies successfully deal with code issues.  These include but certainly are not limited to, permit expiditing issues, inspection issues,  temporary Use and Occupancy issues. 


We can be the first man on the job and the last to leave if that is what it takes to resolve the issue and keep the work going.


We also find it is best to be involved on the front end so we have a good knowledge of the project and an understanding of how the job got to the point of crisis.  Most of the time with this knowledge we can prevent the crisis instead of manage it.

Our services at a glance:

  • Analysis of the current situation and the need for action
  • Analysis of process-relevant channels and potential sources of problems
  • Developing a code compliance plan with ad hoc measures
  • Support in receiving approval and implementing the compliance alternatives.
  • Creative code solutions for your construction issues