Code Solutions Group, LLC. is a Building Code and Accessibility Consulting Firm focused on providing innovative, creative and code compliant solutions to your construction code issues. Our offices are in Memphis Tennessee on Madison Ave. but our work takes us from the North West to the South East and from California to the North East.


We are often asked, "Can we get around this?" We never go around a problem or issue, instead we find ways to use the code to provide compliant alternatives and then justify our approach with good, solid logic. We have resolved many issues with new and existing buildings.  We work with the authorities having jurisdiction in many locations across the country during the design phase to ensure the interpretation is clear and accurate. We are most effective when we are involved at the front end of the project where we have the greatest number of options and can assit the design team in making the best code decision the first time.  We are also very effective in finding alternative methods of compliance when an issue arises. We meet with authorities to resolve concerns before they become major issues.


Our clients are typically Architects, General Contractors, Developers and Building Owners. We are specialists in Accessibility, Energy Codes, Building and Life Safety Codes and Existing Building Codes. Over the years we have helped hundreds of clients move forward with their project while saving the client many times over what we charge. We are fully insured and all our consultants have multiple certifications by the International Code Council.


At Code Solutions Group, LLC, outstanding service is at the heart of everything we do. We can offer advice and support for every aspect of your project. We use our experience to provide a code analysis to assist the design team in achieving a cost effective, code compliant design. Our Life Safety Plan and Code Analysis provide a clear description of the designer’s intent. These two documents can expedite the plan review and permit process by eliminating additional information request and explanations. These documents also provide a clear description of code related information for the owner and end user. We meet on site to assist with construction issues, Board of Appeals applications and representation as well as permit expediting. It helps when you have code people talking to code people. We speak the same language (code).


We are small enough to put each client’s needs and schedule at the top of the list and dedicated enough to meet the dead lines we are given.