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Bob and Terry and their team are constantly looking for new alternative ways to analyze and interpret codes to suit the particular needs of a project. This often includes challenges to conventional code standards in order to deliver project solutions. In many cases CSG has found innovative and economic solutions to achieve code compliance when it first looked like expensive renovations or alternatives were the only answer. In addition, CSG's encyclopedic knowledge of past and present codes enables them to foresee code-related pitfalls and assist with the construction documents to meet code requirements, allowing their clients to deliver a completed building on a fast track.

Code Solutions Group, LLC. was founded by Bob Jacobson, Terry Hughes, and two other code professionals and has since grown to include many new consultants.  Our growth is based on our four main principles, which are the key to our success:

Independence, objectivity, competence and confidentiality


Find out how these core values have helped hundreds of our clients achieve their goals on complicated construction projects and existing buildings.

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