Our Services at a Glance

  • Providing Building Code Analysis using, for example: 
    • Intended Use
    • Occupancy load
    • Mixed ocupancies
    • Desired Height and Area
    • Construction Type
    • Location of Building
  • Provide accurate review of construction document:
    • Accessibility
    • Building Code
    • Energy Code
    • Fire Code
  • Evaluate existing Building using either:
    • Chapter 34 of the International Building Code
    • The International Existing Building Code
  • Permit Expediting
    • Meet with thew Authorities having Jurisdiction
    • Walk through and explain the proposal to the plans examiners
    • Resolve issues as they arrise
  • On site third party inspection services

Who to contact:

Call Bob or Terry. Our cell phones are always on.  We prefer to work regular hours but, as we all know, when there is a problem sometimes it won't wait.  In a crisis, fast action usually saves money.  We can respond in a true emergency with the actions that the crisis requires.  If the situation requires it, call us.